FORTH-R is a modern port of Forth Interest Group FigFORTH to the Microtan. It is designed to work with a Disk-based system with at least 32K of RAM. For the Background to this project see my Adventures in FORTH

It is distributed as a binary for serial transfer via XMODEM to the Microtan (full instructions are in the user manual) and a ‘drive build script’ which is intended to be streamed over a serial connection to the Microtan and creates FORTH screens on a disk. This procedure also requires the Editor to be loaded from a text file over the serial port.

FORTH-R has had only limited testing and the documentation could easily be improved, I would be interested to hear of any issues or suggestions for improvement. If anybody would like to source code please get in touch.

I have created a Glossary that covers most words in core FigFORTH